When nothing else works...

You are in the right place with me.


After a few treatments, my patients report the disappearance of symptoms, which had prevailed for years. Doctors and specialists find me or refer their patients to me. Medicines and therapies become unnecessary. Depression and burn-outs, fears and addictions as well as serious infections, autoimmune and cancer diseases are healed.


I am also available to people who seek help through purification of the soul, because they are plagued by negative energies, magic of all kinds, curse and malediction.




“The soul exists beyond space and time, has neither gender, age nor shape. It is a pure, original expression of Infinite Love. The soul does not know depression, fear, pain, anger or any other shadow. It is the essence of what you really are.”

– William Shakespeare

Back to life. My life was saved.

“Thank you for bringing me back to life with God’s help. Now, I know I would only have had a few more months.”

Ms. H. from Frankfurt

Happiness in life and healed cystic kidney

“Thanks to your help, I live a content and happy life today. Without your help I would not live anymore today … It was not only me who you helped at the last minute, but also my grandson R. When he was born 9 years ago, he had to spend weeks in the hospital. There were cysts on both kidneys. I asked you to help him. You healed him. His doctor couldn’t explain his recovery. Today he is a healthy boy and a very good student.”

Ms. J. from Rheinand-Pfalz

Grandma’s depression disappeared

“Grandma had wanted to stay in bed all day for years. After three days of Lucas’ mental work, she regained her will to live. On the fifth day she wanted to do little gardening work.”

Ms. E. (daughter) from Hungary

Cancellation of severe surgery

“I feel great. My heart is full of gratitude and I feel as if great darkness has receded from me, but also from the relationship between me and my husband, something threatening is gone. I am convinced that the power of your prayer reaches ‘infinitely’ further than I can ever imagine.”

Ms. I. N. H. from Hesse

Familial Mediterranean fever

“Since 1999 Ms. M. K. had suffered increasingly from muscle and joint ache as well as pain in the abdominal area (…) Since 2002 she was unable to work. In 2005 the correct diagnosis of a Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) was made (…) Despite therapeutic treatments until February 2007 (…) there was no improvement (…) Walking up the stairs had become impossible, which is why a wheelchair was ordered. In May 2007, Ms. K. contacted Lucas Scherpereel as the last best hope. She stayed with him for three days and took part in a daily meditation for 6 hours. Since then, she has been completely symptom-free without medication until today (…) The healing process is particularly noteworthy because the diagnosis of FMF is a genetic disease that is not accessible to causal therapy. What is remarkable in this context is the almost immediate improvement without further convalescence … “

Dr. med. K. H. from Munich

One year later (2008) a medical statement on the healing of FMF was made: Immediate healing is inconceivable to classical medicine.

Wish to have children became true

Ms. S. had a strong desire to have children. She had had stomach ache for four weeks. The gynecological admission examination showed a cystic lower abdominal tumor on the right side. A laparoscopy was performed with an abscess opening on the right ovary and the fallopian tube. Furthermore, an opening and irrigation of the fallopian tube as well as adhesiolysis of the adhesions between the intestine and ovaries were carried out. Ms. S.’s gynecological admission examination at a hospital in Munich revealed a cystic growth in the lower abdomen. It was her innermost wish to have children. First, a laparoscopy was performed with an abscess opening on the right ovary and fallopian tube.

Ms. S. from Bavaria

Mrs. S. insisted on organ-preserving procedure. In the hospital, the doctors told her that “it is sensible” (report of the hospital) to have the bilateral fallopian tubes to be removed. But Ms. S. refused, instead she insisted on organ-preserving procedures and addressed Lucas Scherpereel. After his work, she gave birth to two healthy children.

Healing of pancreas cancer in the Intensive Care Unit

The senior doctor of a hospital told the mother: “If the pancreas disintegrates, your son is gone!” The young man’s pain was unbearable, and his condition was bad. He was nine times connected to medical equipment and anaesthetized with morphine. Three times a day he received energy by meditative, mental work which was done directly at the Intensive Care Unit. By the third day, the young man was sitting cross-legged on the bed. Nine months later he went back to work full time.

Ms. R. W. from Losheim, Germany

HIV patient with normal test results

“…Many years have passed now, and I am doing very well. Thanks to your help I have overcome the darkest part of my life. I have gone far beyond what I can imagine, and I do not stop growing. All levels of life were down. I was physically and mentally broken, without hope and faith, materially devastated. I didn’t want to live anymore after experiencing so many bad things. Then came the diagnosis of HIV +. With your help, I was able to regain my trust, my hope, my faith and my certainty. All my test results are excellent, and HIV can no longer be detected.

Mr. J. B. from Berlin, Germany

Liberation from a major sect

„You have done years of hard work for me so that I could be free from this sect. I still remember how much time and strength it cost you. You saved me from this sect. No one was on my side. Only you!“

Ms. F. N. from Dusseldorf, Germany