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About Lucas Scherpereel

A warm welcome to you! My name is Lucas Scherpereel, and I am more than just a spiritual guide. For over 30 years I have dedicated myself to the healing and well-being of my clients. My life’s journey has taken me through various fields, including medicine, psychology and religion. People from all over the world seek my help, be it for personal, family or professional challenges.

The source of my healing power

My path to healing began in my childhood, influenced by my mother, who had healing hands herself and cared for sick people, children and animals.

Although I initially viewed her work from a distance, over time I realized that I should pass on my mother’s knowledge and skills. Her love and dedication have made me what I am today: a channel for healing and spiritual guidance.

A special gift: clairvoyance

My work as a healer and spiritual life coach is based on a dual clairvoyance that enables me to perceive hidden connections and spiritual spheres.

Through my mediumship, I can give people hope, strength and a zest for life. My special prayers and rituals, passed down through generations, support this healing process on a deep, spiritual level.

International recognition

My skills as a healer have made me an internationally recognized personality.

People from all over the world seek my support and I have worked with renowned personalities and healers. The results of my work speak for themselves: outstanding healing successes and profound changes in the lives of my clients.

The working method of Lucas Scherpereel

My work begins in the mind and is synchronized between the two halves of the brain of the healer and the person seeking help.

I combine mental work with meditation and rituals from ancient family traditions. This unique approach enables fast, efficient and safe healing that goes beyond conventional methods.

Training and ethics

As an instructor for spiritually inclined people, I place great value on ethics, responsibility and the harmonization of the two hemispheres of the brain.

My students not only receive technical knowledge, but also a spiritual orientation that enables them to experience and pass on healing on all levels.

Suprême Power – Work

This type of work is very intensive mental work and is also called “suprême work”. This is the culmination of all mental work in the course of the realization of all wishes from consultation to immediate healing.

Suprême work is the basis for the complete cleaning of people as well as spontaneous healing that cannot be achieved medically in the first place.

Power work is very intense energy work that guarantees the best possible result.

Find out more about my work

If you are looking for spiritual guidance, healing and clarity, I am at your disposal.

Get in touch with me and let’s walk your path to health, happiness and success together.


I am healthy. And happier than ever before. The work has given me a new quality of life.

Frau A.G.


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