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Visiting Lucas – An interview

The well-known healer invites us to his center for help and healing. Lucas is a cheerful and fun-loving Belgian. His humor is contagious and immediately captivates us.

You are a healer who lays his hands on and prays. Who actually seeks you out?

The people who come to me, primarily see me as a mediumistic life coach and healer who gives hope, strength and joie de vivre, especially to individuals where other common treatments failed. Mediumship, healing hands and special prayers from a long family tradition are the spiritual tools that I use. Special rituals come from a legacy of a French archbishop and cardinal who is now deceased.

Before contacting me, many people visit well-known luminaries and therapists. Today you can safely say that clairvoyance and immediate aid are my great specialty.




Lucas Scherpereel. Clairvoyant. Healer.


How do you become a healer, what is the best approach? Can you learn to be a healer?

Maybe it is destiny. In my case, it is certainly based on a great family tradition. My mother put on healing hands and banned injuries and diseases of the seriously ill people, children and animals. Many tea blends were prepared with a wide variety of ingredients, some were made into compresses. Roots were crushed and other things from nature were cut into small pieces, then drunk, sipped and slurped.

As a child, I looked at my mother very suspiciously and distantly. In any case, the busy procedures and novenas (meditations and rituals lasting nine or fifteen days) rather represented worry than happiness to me and shaped my life very decisively.

But at some point, when my mother wanted to say goodbye to life, this knowledge was passed on to the next generation with her very last breath, with all the deep love of a mother.

I was the chosen one. Without words and with a lot of tears, lovingly, with great gratitude, sadness and happiness.

And today you pass on your knowledge. Who is capable to learn how to heal?

I train people with a spiritual disposition to become a healer. The cornerstones for the acceptance are clairvoyance, the acceptance of a code of honor, the possibility of harmonizing the two halves of the brain, as well as the disposition to work mentally. As you can see, expectations are high.