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Training as a healer

The basic requirements of the training

In healing, absolute faith and full trust in God are of utmost importance. The healer is a servant of God, some sort of “link” between the material and the spiritual world. There is only mental communication. Therefore, mental work and prayer are the basis for higher and subtle healing.

For this divine connection, humility, discipline and the concentration of mental power as well as the “purity and cleanliness” in the daily way of life are a healer’s fundamental attributes and are essential for healing work.

As a healer you must take absolute responsibility, because only a mentally and physically healthy healer can be successful. How else can you be of help? Those who cheat or pursue selfish goals should not heal because they fail to control the mind.

If these principles cannot be observed in a very disciplined manner as a matter of course, the healer will not be able to support healing or help at all.




We do not have enough good healers with a vocation who want to serve with heart and soul.

Without faith, nothing works.

Faith in God or belief in the universal source or in the energy of the universe is very important.

Everyone should make up their own mind who or what is God or the universal energy to him or her individually. None of this has much to do with the Church. You can have faith in God even without affiliation to the Church.

Those who seek healing must have the will and the strong desire to be healed. They should actively participate, join meditations and prayers. They should also be able to let go.

There are people who hesitate or are afraid because they have tried so much and have been disappointed repeatedly.

Each person must understand that each act of help and healing takes place in the soul. As a matter of fact, God does not grant grace upon the physical body if the healing has not been performed in the soul beforehand.

If you do not open your soul to embrace the light, because there is no faith and no harmony between your own energy flow and that of the healer – acting as a medium – miraculous healing and help won’t be granted.

Take Courage!

Lucas would like to encourage all ambitious people and offers all kinds of support to become a healer. Particularly, if unexpected or temporary blockages interrupt the healing process.