When nothing else works...

You are in the right place with me.

Magic, purification and cleaning

Magic, malediction and curse are terms we all know. Very few people know what it really means and how to deal with it. In fact, there are many people and living beings who are afflicted with magic, malediction and curse and do not know why there is no success, happiness and fulfillment in their lives? Immediate mediumistic assistance, authentic, honest help and healing can only be achieved if all energy sources, i. e. people, animals, property, houses and utensils, have been positively converted.

“Purification” of thoughts is the basic prerequisite for the beginning of healing. You can imagine it like this: When restoring an old masterpiece, for example one by Peter Paul Rubens, the more attention you give to it, the more sketches, layers, drawings, colors and previously invisible paintings appear. It is the same with people when it comes to “purification”, “cleaning” the house and “dissolving” magic of all kinds. In general, a distinction is made between three main forms and several mixed forms of purification:

The gratitude for what is good, the forgiveness of what is bad and the associated letting go are its fragments. Negative thoughts turn into positive ones. God bestows His grace upon everyone who forgives others.




Medial counseling is your great opportunity and brings about wonderful healings, cleansings and changes in a person’s life.

What we must understand

Initially, everyone concerned must understand that first and foremost help and healing takes place in the soul. As a matter of fact, God does not grant grace upon the physical body if the healing has not been performed in the soul beforehand. If you do not open your soul to embrace the light, because there is no faith and no harmony between your own energy flow and that of me as a medium, the miracle does not happen. Everyone seeking salvation always needs a very good reason for their desire to get well again. This is how it works and there is no other way.

This has nothing to do with exorcism or the like, since my work and rituals for purifying people and for cleaning apartments and places are carried out in the form of novenas without rebound. These have been applied very successfully. This work is only done to realize positive wishes.

In fact, it really means nothing more than “purification” and is usually carried out in the form of novenas. It has nothing to do with magic. Instead, as part of my work, all inner blockages should dissolve, and the soul should experience a positive transformation. God creates this person “anew” and leads him back to his very own true core. Former spiritual distraction gradually disappears. The individual finds its way back to his true self and then learns the meaning of “inner peace”. It is a miraculous feeling.

This achieved “cleanliness” of thoughts has the true power to move mountains. Anyone who has personally attended my rituals will feel the tremendous energy behind them. Three central points, called the “mental triangle” – defined as thoughts, words and deeds – ensure that a strong fixed point is reached through extraordinary concentration work. Within this fixed point, mental power and absolute will power are united.

I don’t diagnose nor do I make promises. The statement that I make no promises may lead to disillusionment. However, it is the spiritual basis for accepting help. I never interfere with medical treatments. A visit to a doctor and his diagnostic work and treatment cannot and should not be replaced. Nor is the medicine prescribed by doctors and specialists discontinued. Medicinal treatment will be continued, as recommended by the doctor.

My helping hands play a very important role. Hands are generally the most meaningful communication tool among humans. Friendships are sealed with hands, protection is provided with hands, love and tenderness are expressed with hands, sick people are comforted and healed with hands.

Within popular belief systems of many cultures, the symbolism or representation of hands is of great importance. North Africans protect themselves against the “evil eye” with the hand of Fatima. Artists such as Michelangelo, Duerer, Rodin, Picasso and Dali dedicated themselves to the vibrancy of the hands in their depictions. And even in cave drawings hands appear numerously.

What makes our hands so very special?

Every hand has the most complicated blueprint of all human limbs; one hand alone consists of 27 bones, 33 muscles and 22 axes on which it is movable. In each palm of the hand there are 17,000 tactile units that perceive pressure, movement and vibration stimuli. Free nerve endings detect the smallest temperature differences and thus make the perception of touch perfect. Healing hands are of outstanding value and can only be seen as a gift from God. Every contact with people, animals and photos or documents, such as contracts, drawings and statements, will only bring about positive changes.