Healing hands 

My healing hands will do you good.

Healing hands are always voluntarily activated and controlled by the mind. Without mental concentration, protection and grounding, nothing really works. 

There are different reasons why clients get in touch with me. Often there is evidence of negative energy, loss of energy, curse, malediction, black magic or the presence of a ghost. These can be indications: 

  • Sudden unease, irritatability, palpitations 
  • Lack of power and energy, fatigue and apathy without any reason 
  • Persisting sadness, depression and feelings of illness 
  • Endless problems related to alcohol, work, drugs and partnership  
  • When feelings of illness cannot be medically proven 
  • Increased number of deaths, strokes of fate within the family 
  • Frequent, pointless family arguments that never end 
  • When almost all people are negative towards you 
  • When you give everything for others and get nothing positive in return 
  • When a lot is promised to you and nothing is kept 
  • When there are many profiteers or envious people in your environment 
  • When you are lacking luck and success despite your best efforts  
  • Blustering noise in the living area that won’t stop 
  • When the electricity network in the house is disrupted for no plausible reason 
  • When inexplicable things happen, or small things disappear 
  • When you suddenly feel a chill although it is warm 
  • If animals in your environment show a mean or untypical reaction 

If your soul is crying, you are totally desperate and do not know how to carry on, then you have come to the right place. 

From the outside perspective, I just laid my hands on.

Many people seek advice and help. Even those who are otherwise only involved with healing from a medical and scientific point of view. Doctors, psychologists, but also philosophers and priests come to me and let me initiate them into the techniques of the art of healing and protection work.

If any of these symptoms apply to you or your family, you should urgently seek help from me. With my healing hands, my prayers and rich experience I can look through people, recognize their energy flows and emotions. I clean the chakras and the aura – and thus bring about inner peace.

Seen from the outside perspective, I just laid both hands on. Just as it is written in the Bible. Viewed from a holistic perspective, the clarity of my faith, my clairvoyance and the inherited talent for power transmission always create wonderful, sometimes incomprehensible occurrences. It even happens that people suffering from severe pain go home after a short meditation and feel free, light and completely healthy. With sustainable effect!

This method of faith healing astonishes non-believers, fascinates those who are experienced in spiritual dimensions, amazes professionals in their healing professions, who think and act logically. I help solving arguments, bullying and sadness. I support you finding a way out of unsuccessfulness and poverty as well as illness and pain. I encourage you in the implementation of your plans and wishes. Furthermore, I assist you with the conclusion of contracts and the processing of sales of all kinds. If you contact me, this can be done personally, in writing or orally. In any case, I need a photo of you and, where required, copies of documents that are necessary for clarification.

Please be assured that you “don’t buy a pig in a poke”. Therefore, you will always be informed in advance what the consultation will cost. Please don’t worry: the fee is affordable and, given the help you get, inexpensive.