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General Terms and Conditions

    1. I hereby irrevocably confirm that I have commissioned Mr. Lucas Scherpereel, Via Biagio Pace 22, 92021 Aragona (AG), Italy, with an assignment and I undertake to maintain absolute silence about the content of the work and all related information and not to make it accessible to third parties.
    2. Furthermore, I undertake to contact Mr. Lucas Scherpereel within one week of my visit to report changes and developments. The feedback is very important, and it is fundamentally required. In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions, I declare that I agree that all work within the scope of my assignment will be terminated immediately without any further claims on my part, including refund of the fee.
    3. From now on, in order not to endanger the workflow and to avoid generating additional external and negative energies, I will no longer seek advice or help elsewhere (shamans, clairvoyants, magicians, witches, pendulum dowsing, fortune tellers, light and energy workers and Astrolines)
    4. I am aware that prayers, meditations, novenas and rituals are in no way intended to equate with a visit to a doctor and his or her diagnostic work and treatment or replace it. Likewise, I will not stop taking medication prescribed by a doctor.
    5. I am also aware that work can only be started after receipt of payment of the full invoice amount or after agreement on the payment terms.
    6. Canceled assignments, rituals or meditations that have not been attended will not be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis.
    7. Additional requests are billed separately and have nothing to do with the initial order.
    8. Moreover, after completing the meditations or spiritual work, I undertake to provide a testimonial from my subjective point of view.
    9. The exclusive use of German law applies.
    10. Place of fulfillment and exclusive place of jurisdiction for both parties is Berlin.

    Status: 01.01.2022