When nothing else works...

You are in the right place with me.

Healing as destiny.

After I had just survived a hotel fire in LBV (Libreville, capital of Gabon at the equator), I felt completely empty. It was an infinite feeling of absolute worthlessness and aimlessness. I lost everything in less than ten minutes. EVERYTHING was gone forever. In addition to this emptiness, there was a very depressing feeling of having lost EVERYTHING. For me personally it was a previously unknown feeling, suddenly having nothing at all in just a few minutes. I felt undressed, ashamed, completely naked and lost. Everything I had built up for years was gone in just a few minutes. Everything.

Almost at the same moment the redeeming thought struck me that I still had the most important and most valuable thing of all, namely LIFE. I was still alive!

From that moment on, nothing could bother or upset me anymore. There was just nothing left to deal with! Back then, this state of mind was the ideal platform for my new life. From that moment onwards, I had this wonderful feeling that I still had EVERYTHING without having anything outwardly. My aim was to learn from this new situation and approach it very carefully.

No material or disturbing obstacles were placed in my path anymore. I was blessed with absolute concentration and discipline. Everything was totally new to me. I was overwhelmed by a spiritual force and an almost divine feeling that my life was deliberately transformed to a new life, guided to the light. During this time of my spiritual transformation that I experienced to the core, I clearly realized that from now on I could free myself and other people from hardship, suffering and illness purely mentally and through prayer. This guidance to the light became the green light for me start a new life with a mission.

My thoughts, words and actions became more peaceful, more sensitive and more luminous every day. From then on it was impossible to escape the responsibility of helping and healing. There was no more excuse. I had peacefully accepted my life’s mission.

Now I have reached the prime season of my life and it is very pleasant. Due to the biggest catastrophe in my life, I was offered the most beautiful and most valuable gift in my life. Now, the wonderful time has begun: healing through awareness.