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Clairvoyance, Gift and Decision

Clairvoyance sounds almost like a magic word.

Clairvoyance has nothing to do with magic, although it is often understood or interpreted differently. Clairvoyance with the normal possibilities of our senses cannot and will never exist. The reason for this lies in the fact that our senses can never create this. Clairvoyance manifests itself through perceptions, messages, information that one can hear, smell, taste and see. It finds its origin beyond our normal senses and manifests itself exclusively through energy, a medium and spirit outside of our world.

I believe that no one can have clairvoyance or any sort of clairvoyance alone by oneself. This initial bifurcation of possibilities makes us aware of how a gifted person should now decide for himself or herself forever. Either one decides in favor of the light of God or one turns to the power of the many gods and negative energies. It crucially depends on the medium, the spirit or the energy you prefer to work with.




I only work with light.

Through my mediumship, I can perceive hidden connections and spiritual realms.

What you should know

Anyone who worked with dark or negative energies once in their life has made a commitment for the future. There is no possibility to work with the light once and later with other energies.

I am capable and have permission to personally contact any energy in the light because I am a medium. I am capable and have permission to personally contact any energy in the light because I am a medium. It happens that several media communicate with me at the same time in different ways. The divine connection from ABOVE with the two hemispheres of my brain and with the respective hemisphere of the seeker indicates clean and unaffected clairvoyance. I am well aware of the importance of this double clairvoyance in connection with the guidance from ABOVE. Thus, clairvoyance is a gift that must be accepted with a great sense of responsibility.

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