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Business Consulting

Business consultantsmainly advise entrepreneurs, executives and financially strong private individuals. Mainly it is about business matters. If, for example, customers want to be sure that everything will turn out well for them when it comes to contract terms, such as company expansions, the operational handover from senior to junior boss or to an external new management: “I create analyzes, forecasts, and define the achievable goals and decisions. Then, I coach my customers in taking a successful direction.”

After a stay in Africa, I gave up my well-paid managerial position and have been offering my experience and international connections as a business consultant ever since. More than 30 years of professional experience as abusiness consultant and coach have fulfilled and shaped me to this day. I am pleased to work for my customers’ prosperous future.




Business consulting at any time and any place

My business consulting is not limited to a fixed location. My customers come from around the world. They contact me by email or phone and expect my visit, no matter where they are. Recently, I received an inquiry from a well-known businessman from France who had found me on the Internet. On the same day we met personally and discreetly in Paris. Hamburg, London, Paris, New York – these destinations can be reached quickly, overnight. This is easy. Accordingly, I have a full schedule. Urgent inquiries require an ad hoc reaction:

“I act immediately, emergencies cannot be delayed.”

The flight is booked quickly, in about two hours I can be in Paris, in three in Hamburg or London and in a little more than twelve hours at the airport JFK in New York. Important matters are dealt with in a personal and discreet way. As a sophisticated life coach, I know exactly what is required and expected. Correspondingly, I adjust my remuneration.

Anyone who confides in me can be sure that their situation will change for the better. With my gift of mediumship, I look more thoroughly and reliably in all directions than is normally expected. You too can benefit from my extensive experience!