When nothing else works...

You are in the right place with me.

Are you still well?

Dear Mr. Lucas,

the question I am still asked today is, “Are you still okay?”

I avoid some people so that I am not always asked. It is not easy to describe this in a few sentences, how people approached me after my visit to Lucas.

Even for someone who doesn’t really believe in God, it is very difficult to understand that after 5 years of torture I suddenly got well after 3 days (more precisely 6 hours a day) by means of prayers and the laying on of hands. It has also been difficult for those, where I believed they had genuine faith in God, to believe in my healing.

They have not yet understood the miracle of my healing. The only people who were happy for me are three people: my friend Walter, my son Patrick, my friend Johanna and my neighbor Maria.

It may be that everyone else is also happy that I no longer suffer, but still with the expectation that I will relapse.

My friend Peter

I start with Peter because he was the first to see me at the airport.

Peter had been my companion during my sickness and had paid for all my treatments. Without him, today I would be dead from the pain or from the side effects of the medication. What Peter went through is unique. He took me from A to B in his car and if he couldn’t, I could take a taxi because I wasn’t able to walk because of the pain. I felt like a heavily pregnant woman with a big belly in my eighth month.

I can’t imagine today that I would have made it without his help. He was often desperate and often couldn’t see me suffer. There were moments when he thought he could buy me ‘complete new health’ with his money. I had also prayed very often that the good Lord would put an end to my suffering and that he would take me to Himself. No, I hadn’t thought of suicide, but I had also quarreled with God. I hadn’t spoken to Him for weeks, nor had I prayed.

I said, “If You, dear God, close Your ears, then I’ll have to wait until You listen to me again.”

I have two “friends”. One is in a free church and the other is a pastor at the state church in Berlin. Both had prayed for me for years and anointed me with oil until I heard from one of them that I was a sinner and that God punished me for that.

Peter had quietly accompanied me and hoped as much as I did that the nightmare would soon be over. In March 2003, he brought me a computer and told me that I could look for treatment myself. I had no idea about the device, but gradually got used to it, without any computer skills. And the first thing I did was start reading all the diagnoses I had been given. I looked for treatment options, learned a lot about medicine and could ultimately have a say when doctors decided about treatments. Only after 3 years could I distinguish which of the many doctors is worthwhile to visit again or not.

From 2003 to 2006 I looked for a correct diagnosis. I had all kinds of diagnoses and I didn’t agree with any of them. My instincts warned me of any medication I was taking. I followed my inner voice and I was always right. Peter and I visited a private rheumatologist in Hamburg who said to me: “Ms. Kernke, during my 20 years as practitioner I have only had 2 patients with the same symptoms.” After 3 years and 4 months I met this doctor who only needed 20 minutes to say to me: “I think I know what is wrong with you, but I will do the blood test on you first. The result unfortunately takes 4 weeks in the laboratory.” The doctor was good. We still wonder today whether the correct diagnosis was a coincidence, or whether it was due to the fact that she examined me as a private patient.

We drove back to Berlin with our heads half hanging. So we had to wait 4 weeks. It was like torture. The waiting was even more painful for our souls than my physical pain.

The laboratory report was successful.

A lottery win, finally a diagnosis.

But nobody could do anything with it.

I have a genetic disease called “Familial Mediterranean Fever”. All of my symptoms were related to this disease. Up to that point, there hadn’t been any doctor who could find out what I had been missing for years. I had been treated for something unknown again and again since the 1980s and when they didn’t know what to do, another surgery was performed. Unfortunately, this genetic disorder was only discovered in 2004.

I went very quiet at the doctor whom I consulted with this diagnosis report. She had no idea about this disease. There was only one drug on the market, and it is the active ingredient: autumn crocus seeds. My whole body ached, and no one could help me. All doctors had always recommended pain therapy to me at the beginning. But my instincts always said “no” that’s why I couldn’t take pain pills without fainting. All the diagnoses made by doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths had never been correct. How should I know that they prescribed the right pain relievers for me? If I had taken all the prescribed pills, I would be dead today. The many side effects alone would have led to other diseases. Now Peter told me that the search for a diagnosis is over. “But it still doesn’t help you.” I took this tablet (autumn crocus seeds) with extreme caution and promptly got all the side effects. My condition kept getting worse every day.

Peter could endure my condition less and less. In the last few months he had come to see me less often. I kept trying to find a solution. In a sense, I had already been through everything. Now I really couldn’t walk without pain pills. And when I wanted to go out, I had to pump myself full of painkillers to socialize a little. But in the long run I didn’t want to and couldn’t. I got the idea that I needed a wheelchair. My legs stopped working. The distances that I had managed in 10 minutes before my illness could not be done in less than 1 hour with severe pain.

I asked the doctor about a wheelchair. It was the last opportunity for me to socialize without having to say that I can’t walk or need to hurry to find a place to sit.

Two weeks before I wanted to order the wheelchair, I had looked again for a treatment option on the Internet. But this time I entered the three words “other healing option” on “Google” and came across the faith healer pages. I clicked on Mr. Lucas’s page and had no idea at that point that something like this was widespread in Germany. I thought you would only find something like this in Asia or Africa. Mr. Lucas’s site was very appealing. It was important for me that he refers to the Holy Spirit and that the saints of heaven are his spirit guides. I reread his homepage on the internet every day.

Afterwards I talked to Peter and my son about it and both said: “Try it”. I had been hesitant about calling Mr. Lucas’ phone number for three weeks. One day Peter was with me and looked at me desperately. I was at the end of my tether. He said to me: “Either you call and fly there, or I will drag you there myself.”

The next day my son was there when I called Mr. Lucas. Mr. Lucas said to me: “Yes, visit me. I help you. You will get well again. “

Those words were like a miracle. He said, “You will get well again.” I believed it, I trusted him. I called Peter and told him that I had booked a flight to Cologne for March 27th, 2007. He said, “Very well, do that. Go there.”

I told my physiotherapist, who had been looking after me for 9 months, that I was going to a healer and would come back healthy. I had said that everywhere I went, also at the pharmacy: “I will go to a healer and come back healthy.”

Peter didn’t believe it, and neither did my son. However, they hoped that Mr. Lucas would help me. Their hope had given me a lot of strength. I flew to Mr. Lucas and when I saw him, I had this fundamental trust in him. It was like meeting an old friend again. The next morning, I was lying on the couch in his practice. I felt completely confident in his treatment room. I had the sensation that his treatment and prayers pierce my body with warmth and light.

I wrote to Peter on the 2nd day: “My healing has begun” and on the 4th day I wrote to him: It is finished, I am healed.” Peter answered me exactly a year ago on March 31, 2007: “Habibati, I’m happy, but I still can’t really believe it. I’ll see all of that when you’re back.”

I came back to Berlin after walking all over Cologne. I couldn’t believe it myself. I was no longer in pain and felt reborn. I arrived feeling alive and full of energy. I felt like everything in my body was rebuilt. My body seemed new. I moved like a young girl. I did not believe myself what had happened, even though I was the first to believe in my healing. Now, I run without getting tired. I can sleep again without pain. I enjoyed my first hot bath in Cologne. Before, I couldn’t endure hot water or summer. Even with lukewarm water I got the feeling as if my body would burn itself, and now I can enjoy everything again. I can eat and drink everything and it tastes like I have never tasted it before.

When I returned to Berlin, Peter picked me up. It was very important to me that he was the very first to see me. I beamed at him and was curious what he would say. He didn’t believe it, he hugged me again and again and asked me again and again: “Nothing hurts anymore?” And carefully pinched me. I said it was a miracle and he said to me: “Everyone who didn’t know you before, won’t believe it.” I got out of the car without help and walked back and forth in front of him and he still couldn’t believe it. Not the next day and not for the next 2 months either. Little by little he began to understand that I had regained full health. He felt so happy. He told everyone he knew, but it seems he was quite disappointed with their reactions. But he was happy.

It’s a godsend, we can live normally again. We keep thinking of these unforgettable days, including the years of experience. We learned a lot from each other. These 5 years were a tough school for us, in which we learned to build up patience and trust over and over again. We also learned that it is important never to give up on God. No matter what situation you are in, God keeps his promise. Only He decides when and how.

Many years of experience and unforgettable memories lie behind us now.

Now even after a year has passed, Peter tells me that it is still like a dream for him. He said, “You went to Lucas in pain and came back fully recovered a few days later. It was healing as fast as lightning. It’s unbelievable.” Those were still Peter’s words after a year of my superfast healing.

My son Patrick

On the second day after my return, I made an appointment with him at the shopping mall that I had not been able to walk along before because of pain. At first, I didn’t see him. I ran past him like a bee and looked to see if he was already there. He stood and watched me with a beaming face. I greeted him and hugged him like crazy which was unfeasible in the past. Before I got well, it had been impossible for my body to touch anything. Even my duvet often caused pain in my body. My son’s eyes looked at me as if to tell me, “Mom, I don’t believe it.” He couldn’t believe seeing me walking like this. He asked me with a beam in his big eyes: “Have you seen my mom? I have an appointment with her. “

He asked me so often that afternoon: “And it really doesn’t hurt anymore?”

I hoped that day that he would tell me now: I believe in God!

He told everyone he knew about my spontaneous healing: “My mom visited a healer in Cologne, and she came back healthy. Unfortunately, nobody could believe him. A few years have now passed. He told me how he almost wanted to hit his half-brother when he asked: “So? Is your mother still doing well?” He said to him: “She is doing better than you and me together. “

In the past, I used to say: “Please, run slowly, I can’t run fast, everything hurts.” Today he says: “Mom, run slowly. Mom, I can’t keep up, my back hurts.” He’s always happy that I’m fine and that I can cook for him.

I call her Maria. She is my neighbour

She had saved my life twice. The first time was when my doctor gave me new pain relievers. I could hardly take any of this medicine. Fortunately, she had my apartment keys. I asked her to come to me. Her company had often calmed me down until the side effects faded. One day, I felt that the end was near. I thought I was dying. Somehow, I managed to call her. She found me half lying on the bed. I couldn’t move my body anymore. I was completely paralyzed by a minor muscle relaxant. She called the ambulance and took me to the hospital. It was indescribably painful what I had to experience in my subconscious. The doctors thought that I couldn’t hear anything. They tried to quickly find out something about my illness on the Internet. Nobody in the hospital could deal with my diagnosis. They put me on a drip and after 3 hours I was able to move my body again. Maria was with me the whole time and had waited for me. I owe her my life. She suffered with me all these years. One day when I explained to her that I would fly to a healer in Cologne, she said that I had nothing to lose. But she didn’t believe in that sort of healing. She and her husband are atheists and it is hard for them to believe anything.

Now I stood radiantly happy in front of her apartment door and she looked at me and was pleased. There was a ‘yes’ and a ‘but’. She looked at me with big eyes. She asked very carefully: “And how did it go?” She hugged me, but with a very strange look saying: “Let’s wait a little longer!” She asks me again and again today: “Are you still okay?” She hasn’t told her husband that I got help from Mr. Lucas. She hides it. It’s like I’ve done something forbidden. They are just like mentioned before. They don’t believe in God and anything. She and her husband experience different sufferings. They see how well I am doing and yet they don’t want to believe in Divine Healing.

The pharmacy clerks

For 5 years I had picked up my medication from the pharmacy nearby and the clerks had seen so many doctor changes in my case. Repeatedly, I expatiated on my disappointment about my doctor’s visits towards them. They showed their compassionate face and every now and then they would grant me some minor pieces of their professional advice. They ordered my medication in good time because they knew I would come to pick them up every now and then. Not to be disregarded are the quantities of medication that I have tried and tested myself, all of which I have been prescribed by alternative practitioners and homeopaths. I also had to pay for this privately at the pharmacy. From autologous blood therapy to vitamins and restorative injections. Everything a body in pain needs. They often brought the medication to my home. One day I said to the owner of this pharmacy that I was going to Cologne the next day to see a healer.

She said to me: “Well, you’ve tried everything so far, just give it a try.” But what she was actually meaning was: “The poor lady is now also going to waste her money.”

One week after my healing, I went into the pharmacy beaming like an entirely new person. When they saw me, they didn’t believe their eyes at first. I told them in detail about my healing experience with Mr. Lucas and that I no longer need any pills. God healed me.

There was no cheering or: “Ms. Kernke, that’s great, we’re happy.” No, nobody believes when I say that since that day in the pharmacy, I am treated like the devil by them. They don’t speak to me anymore. I went into the pharmacy three weeks later. They acted as if I wasn’t there. Once one of them met me on the street! She ran past me without greeting me. This is the woman who picked up my prescription from the doctor herself one day! Because I couldn’t do it myself and the doctor doesn’t send morphine prescriptions in the mail.

Every time I walk past their pharmacy, I think about what they think when they see me. I believe that the loss was great for them and that they are afraid that I will send other customers to Lucas in Cologne. It’s all about the income of their business, not a person’s health. Unfortunately.

My family

It’s a chapter I am not really keen on writing.

Many people who experience healing should also learn that there is another side to it. They don’t want to know anything about healers because the fear is just too great. Do you understand why? The pain I’ve suffered after dealing with people’s reactions afterwards is greater than the pain I had went through physically.

I write about my family and how they reacted to my healing. It hurts. My soul hurts how they deny it. Still. Today, after a year, it is still taboo for them. It feels like I murdered someone. It was taboo before and now it’s even more taboo. I can’t understand how my family can act so strange. I honestly thought that since they are all sick, they will realize that healing through prayer is real. I am the living proof for all of them. But no, they want to continue to suffer. I say to myself that they haven’t suffered enough yet. They would want to be six feet under rather than putting their faith in God to heal them. I can only pray for them so that one day they will see the truth before it is too late.

I am healed and I know many people who need healing, but everyone must make up their own mind to be healed. My family is afraid to be happy for me.

My friend Johanna

She suffers from rheumatism and all its many symptoms. She was so happy for me. When I was sick, our topics were: pain, doctors and treatment options. Now I got well. I also asked her to see Mr. Lucas, but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. But I wish that all health insurances would cover the cost of a healer’s treatment. Many people have no money to go to the healer. Train and hotel, as well as eating and drinking, all of this must be paid for. So, even if you want to get well, you have no choice but to stay sick because you don’t have the money to get well. It was like that with my girlfriend.

If a healer were to treat someone for free, it is like reaching out his finger and the whole hand being taken. After all, the healer prays for people to be healed, and who pays him for his service?

I would not have experienced that without money either, but in the end, if it is God’s will that one should get well, then there will also be a way for “his protégé”. Unfortunately, my friend is still sick. She cannot get well because she is only getting a small pension. The system is so sick that people cannot get well because of insufficient government aid. But she’s very happy for me. And keeps waiting for the day when she can get well.

Physiotherapy practice

The physiotherapists didn’t know what to do with my pain. There is no doubt that they are all qualified in their profession. However, just like the doctors, who were overwhelmed with everything that was beyond their knowledge, so were they. It was a struggle to get there, but I made it twice a week for various reasons. There was Claudia, who lovingly treated me according to my needs and pains. She listened to me and I felt attached to her.

Then I told her that I was going to see Mr. Lucas. Like everyone else, she said: “Try it.” Nobody believed in my plan. When I was in the practice a week later, she rubbed her eyes and said: “That can’t be true. Is that Ms. Kernke?” “Yes,” I said, “That’s me!” and she turned me around in a circle. We went to the treatment room and I told her everything I had been through. Meanwhile, she was giving me a decent massage. She thought maybe I’ll raise my voice or something. Anyhow, it was a pleasure for her to enjoy my new body. Up until my last prescription, I had treated them all with my fresh energy. In the beginning I didn’t even know what to do with all the positive energy and my strength. She had benefited from me in more than 4 treatments. If anyone should be asked about me, then she is the best eyewitness because she felt my power instantaneously.

Now I would like to tell you about the reaction of her colleagues.
She told me that she had told them everything, but everyone who saw me kept quiet. No one even said “Hello, you look good today.” No, no one could pretend to ignore the fact that I was suddenly fine. I started to doubt humanity.
Could it be that everyone I met during my sickness was happy to see me sick? Could it be that sick people are nothing more than a “cash cow” for the system?

This is my own conviction:
Anyone who slips into this spiral of sickness without a good lifebuoy will not come out of it on their own. It’s a big trap for anyone who remains sick for more than a month. Have you ever thought about what kind of chain reactions would happen if every sick person had the opportunity to escape from their bad condition? I take the liberty of telling you about the chain reaction that I caused.

Point 1- I was no longer dependent on someone who would run my errands and clean my apartment. Thus, from now on this person no longer earns 30 € per week.
Punkt 2- Die Ärztin kann mich nur alle drei Monate sehen, wegen der Blutuntersuchung.
Point 3- The pharmacy had earned around € 100 per month through my private expenses, not including the prescriptions. A great loss!
Point 4- Taxi service. Loss.
Point 5- Physiotherapy is no longer needed. Loss.
Point 6- Alternative practitioner is no longer needed. Loss.
Point 7- Homeopath is no longer necessary. Loss.
Point 8 – No psychological support needed anymore. Big loss.
Point 9 – No hospital stays. Big loss.
Point 10 – No stays at health and therapy centers. Big loss.
Point 11- All private examinations are superfluous. Big loss.
Point 12- I may have forgotten something.

If all the healed people no longer need all the above, what happens then? Less profit would be made per month. Just imagine if that happens at least 10 times a month. This would mean that this sick system would go downhill, and it would be acknowledged that God has given some people the special gift of praying for other people’s health and healing them.

The system is afraid of these chain reactions. People are not allowed to escape from the system because then everyone stands at the ‘Hartz IV’ counter and requests financial aid, like their sick fellows. Well, I can say, may God create many spontaneous healings in the world so that many people can re-experience what it means to trust God, to be independent and above all, to experience Nature’s way again.

Unfortunately, the system will continue to exist like this because of those who just don’t want to get well because of their own assumptions, because of family attention or because they don’t want to be left by their partner. There are people, who are not yet sick enough or who want to stay that way out of convenience. The system is there for them. But please, if you say: “I cannot bear it any longer”, then you belong to those people who still want to live, and you still have the opportunity to change your life. Go ahead and do what you must do. Attract God’s attention by telling Him: “It is enough, I want you to heal me, like you healed Ms. Kernke and the others” and wait.

My physiotherapist is a wonderful person. But she wouldn’t disclose Mr. Lucas’s address to anyone. After all, she only cares about her earnings by continuing to treat patients.

My doctor

She is a very caring doctor. She also had been helpless. Every time I was with her, I looked into her eyes telling me: “You again, I cannot help you anyway!” I visited her a month after my healing. Such a situation should be filmed right away. She was completely flabbergasted. She said: “Ms. Kernke what did you do? You look like you have been substituted by someone else.” She hugged me several times and kept asking me: “Doesn’t anything hurt?”“What God promises, He keeps”. Fortunately, she beliefs in God. I told her that I was with the healer Lucas in Cologne and that my healing was the result of three days of prayers and the laying on of hands. She had written everything down on her computer and said, “I have to tell my mother.” However, every time I go to her, she hugs me, and she has not quite grasped yet what really happened. No more wheelchair and no more pain. That cannot be!

My pastor

A friend and my pastor. He’s the one who knows my story best. I’ve known him since 1998. He has accompanied me a long way in my life. He also often anointed me with oils and laid hands on me. He also gave everything that a pastor can give. But again and again he was disappointed that I didn’t get well. A week after I met with Mr. Lucas, I visited him in his pastoral office. He asked me how I managed to recover? I told him without hesitation that I had been helped by a healer. He never prayed with me again as we used to for years. I lost him as a friend that day. For these reasons, his superior no longer speaks to me. I feel like I am the devil in the church and that they are afraid of me. That is a very bitter experience with the Church to this day. I expected something different from the Church.

In general

Everyone else I am acquainted with knew how I had suffered since my illness began. They all do not believe and unfortunately wait in vain for me to relapse. But what God promises, He keeps. I also know that there will never be a relapse. Of course, I can sometimes catch a cold or feel my joints ache here and there, but it’s up to me how I plan my life. Staying in good shape and exercising is a must. I got a new challenge from the “Great Lord” and I don’t want to gamble it away. God’s gift is precious, and hereafter, I myself have to take responsibility for every new symptom. The doctors could not give more than their knowledge, which is not enough. However, God’s knowledge is invincible. I would like to ask you to accept it as a gift from God when people like Mr. Lucas have this gift of prayer as their calling. It may be that this respective person will be the healer of your illness and was chosen as God’s medium for this particular purpose. As it was in my case. I looked online for another treatment option and got thousands of addresses. Still, God chose Mr. Lucas for me and I had to fly from Berlin to Cologne to get well. I owe my new life’s beginning to God and all the inhabitants of heaven as they had selected Mr. Lucas for me and had showed me the way.

When the healing day comes, please watch out. The voice of God reaches out to everyone who believes in Him. Unexpected and unprepared. You only need to recognize His voice. I personally received God’s sign to go to a healer through a young man from Cuba. He said to me: “Come with me to Cuba, there are good healers, they will pray you healthy.” In fact, I did not find my way to Cuba, but to Cologne. Mr. Lucas is a gifted healer, but you should do your part too. And simply put your trust in him. In his good prayer connections, in his pure faith and in the healing of God.

I am available to anyone who wants to know about my healing experience.

I wish that every sick person will find the way to Mr. Lucas and that it does not take long. Act when you have reached the point of “wanting to get well”. You will live like a new person.

My name is Margrit Kernke and I am from Berlin.