Business consulting. Assessment of employees of a large authority 

Over a period of just a few months, Lucas Scherpereel precisely assessed and scrutinized employees, executives and directors of a large authority in Brussels. Requirement profiles for positions could be drawn up quickly. Instead of many, only few analysts were necessary. Competence, charisma, leadership quality and assessment of application candidates were instantly available. The authority got a much more effective staff structure. 

Examination of contracts 

The contract in question provided for an investment in the tens of millions with large tax savings. After a two-minute examination from Lucas Scherpereel, the customer was warned not to sign. The contract was untrustworthy. In fact, two contract law lawyers came to the same conclusion, only that their work took half a day to complete. Accordingly, their fees were different. 

Reactivation of an employment contract 

Despite strong resistance from the division manager and colleagues, an expiring contract of an employee in a media company could be reactivated. 

Bullying was stopped 

It was achieved that the employee of a TV station was finally accepted and respected by her colleagues. In the beginning there was even jealousy about food. Then the negative condition transformed into understanding and assistance, which improved the daily life of the single mother. Furthermore, the working atmosphere in the entire team normalized. 

Training as a healer 

I got to know Lucas as an extremely competent and trustworthy person who was always available to me and who took care of my concerns! Not only was the training as a healer a true blessing, today I am in the process of setting up my own practice! He also accompanied my child’s graduation very conscientiously with all his best efforts and activated her potential. The grades improved from around D-E in difficult subjects to a good B in the final certificate! He also freed me from private burdens of the past! I sincerely recommend Lucas, even when facing seemingly hopeless situations!
Ms. Sabine H. from Bavaria

Optimization of a marketing and sales concept  

After a thorough consultation, a furniture and lighting designer withdrew several products from the market and offered others instead. The profitability of this company has increased continuously since then. 

House sale in Tuscany 

A house had been offered for sale in vain for four years. After only three months of mental work from a distance, it was sold according to the seller’s target price. The other houses for sale in the village remained unsold. 

Cancellation of a hasty car purchase 

The lady had put herself in a precarious position. However, during the announced delivery period of a high-class German car, the purchase was canceled. It wasn’t even necessary to pay any cancellation charges. 

Criminals were caught 

Within a well-known French stock corporation large amounts of money had been robbed for many months. Internal investigations failed. Charges had been filed against unknown persons and the research of the examination of the gendarmerie had taken months. Audits had caused a lot of unrest. Ultimately, there was no outcome.  

This work was accepted with skepticism on the client’s part. Based on a list of employees, the two main culprits were found by laying on of hands (hand scanning) upon the long list. The complicated internal IT and control system was then thoroughly adjusted in order to guarantee 100% security. The culprits were long-time employees in management positions. 

Apprenticeship and job wanted 

Application documents from a young man looking for an apprenticeship were magnetized with hands. Within only three weeks, an apprenticeship position was found. Beforehand, the young man had sent applications in vain for 6 months. 

With the help of concentrated work, an unemployed person had found a good job in just 7 days. He found another job three days later and had difficulty in deciding which job to take. Guidance was also given to make the right decision. 

Über einen Zeitraum von nur wenigen Monaten wurden Mitarbeiter, leitende Mitarbeiter und Direktoren einer großen Behörde in Brüssel von Lucas Scherpereel präzise beurteilt und überprüft. Flott konnten Anforderungsprofile für Positionen erstellt werden, es mussten nicht weiter viele Analysten beschäftigt werden. Kompetenz, Ausstrahlung, Führungsqualität und Beurteilungsgabe von Bewerbungskandidaten waren augenblicklich abrufbar. Die Behörde bekam eine viel effektivere Personalstruktur.

Important information

Please take into consideration that spiritual healing and participation in meditative sessions with LUCAS cannot and should in no way replace a visit to a doctor and his diagnostic work and treatment. Nor should you stop taking medication prescribed by a doctor.

I take your worries and wishes seriously and can be reached every day. 

Emergencies cannot be delayed. 

No matter what you ask. Often, support can be given very quickly.

If you have a very urgent matter and need quick solutions, a personal, on-site visit is possible after a short consultation and with advance payment, no matter where you are.