About my work 

It all starts in my head. The work is carried out exclusively mentally and synchronizes the two halves of the brain of the healer with the ones of the person seeking help.

Mental work varies greatly in intensity and duration when it comes to help and healing. It can be used partially or comprehensively. Moreover, it can be immediately intensified or weakened at any time. 

The synchronicity of exerting influence on various levels is something completely new. 

In this context, it doesn’t matter where you are. 

With simultaneous meditation of different intensity and duration, the work is combined with rituals from old family traditions. This manner of working makes help and healing faster, more efficient and safer than previously known healing methods. 

The “Suprême Mental Technique” which was developed by me results in unimagined possibilities and far-reaching success for the future. 

Not scientifically provable

What I offer with my work is unique and incomprehensible. Science is still unable to understand what is happening ABOVEWhoever believes, will understand.

Lucas+ Medium, Heiler und Hellseher hilft ihnen, egal wo Sie sind

Mentalarbeit mit den beiden Gehirnhälften basiert auf saubere Energie.